D*M*I Program Info

The Austin Pilates Barn and Pilates Connection
Master’s In teaching Pilates
Please note that material covered may vary from group to group 
Virtual Session 1
With Lolita San Miguel 
Lolita shares her mat and insights
Session I in Person
Daily Workouts
Return to Life the Full Mat
Mat Variations
Developing Your Eye- On and off the Pilates Field
Disc Issues and Pilates
“Super Advanced” Reformer
Pilates for Youth
Teaching with Intent and to the Goal
Scoliosis and Pilates
Spine Corrector Class
Session 2-Virtual
Circle of Power Mat Class
Pregnancy and Pilates
Reformer on the Mat
Osteoporosis and Pilates
Business Round Table
Deepen Your Teaching
Session 3 in Person
Daily Workouts
More on the Tower
“Super Advanced” Reformer (again)
Full Cadillac
The Power of Touch
Advancing Your Teaching
Special Interest Pilates Presentations (will vary per group)
-sports specific
-hip replacement
Program Layout
18 Months beginning with Online Program
Online Program begins 3-4 months before the In-Person Session 1
Online Program 1 -Needs to be complete by In-Person Session 1 in September
Power Points
Exercise Breakdown
Written Assignments
Virtual Session 1
Lolita San Miguel
In Person Session 1
4 Days-8 Hours daily plus lunch includes a 90-minute lab
Note: Last day will only be 6 hours to allow for travel
Online Program 2
(This is done between Session 1 and 2)
Power Points
Written Assignments
Teaching Assignments
Virtual Session 2
Three days -4-5 hours
Online Program 3
(This is done between Session 2 and 3)
Written Assignments
Teaching Assignments
Research Project
Session 3
3 Days-7-8 Hours daily plus lunch /4th day-3 hours 
Graduation Party will be held on the 3rd evening
(We are trying to keep it very affordable and way below other programs and still cover all costs)
Option 1
 Non- Refundable Application /Registration Fee -$50
Non-Refundable Deposit-To be paid 3 months prior to online course start date-$500
Pay in full on start date-$2300
Total: $2850
Option 2-Payment Plan
Non-Refundable Application /Registration Fee -$50
Non-Refundable Deposit-To be paid 3 months prior to online course start date- $500
18 Monthly Auto-Payments beginning on Online Course Start Date-$140 ($2530)
Total:  $3080
Visa, Master Card, Venmo - Peak and PMA CEC’s Available
DMI Schedule 
Online Material Opens-in April 2022
Meet and Greet
June 23rd, 2022- 5PM -6PM
Lolita San Miguel Shares
June 24-25tt, 2022-8:30-12:30 
In Person -Austin Texas
Session 1
Sept 29th -October 1st, 2022-9AM-6PM
Oct 1st, 9AM-3PM
Session 2
January 20th, 2023, 1PM-5:30PM
Jan 21st, 12:00PM-5:30PM
In Person- Dallas Texas
Session 3
September 28th -30th, 2023 9AM-6PM 
Oct 2st, 2023- 8AM-11AM
Party the evening of September 30th


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