Masters Program

Intelligence guided by the will using memory and imagination assisted by intuition.”

~ Romana Kryzanowska

Discover*Move*Inspire    DMI-MPT®

This 18 month collaborative post comprehensive program is designed for an in-depth study of movement, teaching, knowledge provided through sharing, growth and discovery.

Curriculum will include:
Advanced Reformer, Cadillac Clinic, Spine Corrector Class, Reformer on the Mat, Sharing Lolita's Mat, More on The Tower, Teaching Skills, History, Programing for Seniors and Youth, Session Development, Working with Injuries and Special Needs: Scoliosis, Disc Injuries, Osteoporosis, Pregnancy, Business Round Development, Group Choice Topics, Guest Artists and More

The course consists of two in-person - 3.5 day sessions, 2- 2 day Virtual Session , plus 3 online portions
The online portions are completed prior to each session and include:  power points, videos, handouts and assignments

Payment plans available

Graduates will earn a Discover*Move*Inspire-Masters in Pilates Teaching, DMI-MPT® Diploma

Requirements-Graduate of a 450 hour Comprehensive Program or Level 3 Program- All Programs Welcome

CEC are available

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Programs take place in Austin, Dallas, Houston Areas

Accepting Applications Now. Space is limited for all groups. Please contact us for more info 

Next course:  Online Portion Begins April 2022: First Virtual Meeting June -2022 and First Inperson meeting September 2022

"Discover*Move*Inspire is a very positive learning experience with highly experienced instructors that will stretch you personally and professionally. We journeyed through the advanced exercise repertoire on mat, reformer and Cadillac/tower, dove into special cases, learned interesting and creative workouts (too many to name), developed youth programs,  improved our teacher’s eye and touch techniques, met the lovely Lolita San Miguel, and developed life long friendships with other Pilates Professionals. I highly recommend this program to take your learning and teaching to the next level!"
-Dr. Rebecca Hoeck PT, DPT, CWC, DMI-MPT
"I knew I needed to enhance my teaching skills and increase my knowledge in specific issues that went beyond the my comprehensive teacher training course. DMI is a great way to grow and challenge yourself as a Pilates teacher. Nancy and her team of master pilates teachers took me to the next level in exercises and teaching ability! In pilates you never stop learning. This is a great training program to add to you resume!!"

-Emily Owen, Owen Peak Pilates Comprhensive , DMI-MPT
"The Discover, Move, Inspire workshop(s) are exactly what I needed to bring my Pilates teaching up to a new level.  It expands upon what you already know, and has given me new confidence when working with clients with back pain, scoliosis, osteoporosis, or those who are pregnant. Here is where you get the super-advanced reformer and mat work, and a nice mat flow on the spine corrector.   We got to experience guest instructors including Lolita San Miguel which I consider an amazing, unique opportunity that not everyone will get.  The best part is being part of this exclusive group of strong ladies/instructors and learning with and from each other.  During our business round table there were so many studio owners and so many great ideas were shared about building your business now matter how large or small.  After an inspiring trip to Florida and visit with Lolita, these ladies will forever be my Pilates sisters, business network, and friends.  It doesn’t matter what certification you have.  This is the program that will pull you beyond your certification."
Cody Robbins, Performance Pilates Co-Owner/Instructor, PEAK Comprehensive/ACE Personal Trainer
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